Scripts Library

CISL - Columnstore Indexes Scritps LibraryThe CISL – Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library is the ultimate free & open source Columnstore Indexes library containing a number of scripts.

At the moment, the CISL consists from 8 scripts and 9 stored procedures (8 standrad & a maintenance solution).
Every CISL script comes in 2 variants: a simple executable script & stored procedure.
Stored Procedures are here so that you can store them inside your database and use more commonly and include them into your own solutions.

CISL consists from the following scripts:

SQL Info (sqlserver_instance_info.sql) – Provides with the list of the known SQL Server versions that have bugfixes or improvements over your current version + lists currently enabled trace flags on the instance & session.

Suggested Tables (suggested_tables.sql) – Lists tables which potentially can be interesting for implementing Columnstore Indexes.

Row Groups (row_groups.sql) – Shows detailed information on the Columnstore Row Groups.

Segment Alignment (alignment.sql) – Shows the alignment (ordering) between the different Columnstore Segments.

Fragmentation (fragmentation.sql) – Shows the different types of Columnstore Indexes Fragmentation. (Note: SQL Server 2012 version does not exist, since Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 are non-updatable and hence have no fragmentation)

Dictionaries (dictionaries.sql) – Shows detailed information about the Columnstore Dictionaries.

Memory (memory.sql) – Shows the content of the Columnstore Object Pool.

Row Groups Details (row_groups_details.sql) – Shows detailed information on the Columnstore Row Groups, listing all individual row groups and filtering them based on different criterias.

The current release number is 1.4.0 and can be downloaded from GitHub for free.